Friday, September 27, 2019

Points east

I recently posted a blog about the University neighborhood in Denver. Since then, I've walked over to my local library, the Ross-University Hills branch of the Denver Public Library for a physics demonstration (that will be the next blog here). That walk carried me through the Wellshire neighborhood. Since I frequently visit the library and the shops over on Colorado Boulevard, this is a regular walk for me.

Wellshire is a residential area bordered by University Blvd on the west, Yale on the north, Colorado Blvd on the west, and Hampden Drive on the south. In addition to several churches and a few shops on the west side of Colorado, the large Wellshire Golf Course lies along Hampden and the Highline Canal runs through it.

The South Platte River cuts a hundred foot deep valley into the plains here and Wellshire is the beginning of the plains extending from University neighborhood east until they hit the shallower valley of Cherry Creek, about eight miles east of the river. From there, it's pretty much plains to the Mississippi River.

My walks usually take me along Bates Avenue and Amherst to Colorado, but the trip on Dartmouth, though more demanding, is beautiful and affords some nice views of the mountains.

[Bates in Wellshire neighborhood]

[Busy Colorado Blvd]

The library is in the University Hills neighborhood, east of Wellshire. The building is a modern, two story construction. I arranged to use their elevator to perform a physics demonstration. Most of the rooms used for activities are upstairs. The catwalk like stairs are interesting. They are suspended at one end by cables.

[Library stairs]

Libraries are often built with aesthetic values in mind and usually offer much more than books. Check out your local library and pay particular attention to it's architecture, history, grounds, and exhibitions

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