Thursday, September 26, 2019


I have recently decided to comply more closely with my physician's dictate to "walk 20 minutes a day.". In the past I have been rather slack in my adherence. Some hikes are several hours. My walks to the grocery might be twenty minutes if the trips both there and back are considered.

Now, since my computer no longer constrains me in the mornings, I am free to take this computer ,(my cell phone) and stroll up to the University campus, or to one of the several parks in the area.

Walking in the same area every day lets me more consistently observe the cyclicity of the changes of my surroundings. This morning I noticed a thistle growing up through a dense shrub and how it changed it's habit to it's situation as it sought the sun light.

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn and today a welcomed, cool breeze Is blowing. Soon there will be snow. Both I and Vincent eagerly awaits it.

Since I walk in the same areas every morning, I'm able to divide my attention and listen to my books as I walk. I'm pretty good at multiplexing and things still catch my attention. I am currently listening to a Librivox recording of James Boswell's Journey to the Hebrides. It's a pleasant account of an eighteenth century gentleman's journey to his homeland with his friend, Dr. Samuel Johnson, the author of England's first dictionary.

I sit on a rock wall surrounding the University of Denver's water gardens as students walk past to their current destinations.

The water gardens have fish

The interior of Mary Reed Hall with it's arches and vaulted ceilings

 This spray of water in the sun caught my eye

Do you have a regular walking routine. Do you just walk or do you augment your time with quality rich activities?

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