Monday, September 23, 2019

Spanish - a final report

I've enjoyed studying Spanish and plan to continue...just because it's fun, but I suspect that I missed the train on conversational Spanish. It's normal for people to lose the ability to learn new languages easily as they get older, especially if it's not a regular part of their lives but it seems that I have another problem. I've always had auditory processing disorder (APD which makes it hard to process speech, but my jobs in the past have kept me involved with others and their speech. Now that I'm retired, there's less exposure and, with age, my learning disabilities are getting worse.

On the other hand, I can read most of the Spanish signs and labels around town. My ability to read Spanish has improved dramatically. With a little help from the translator in my Kafui Utils Smart Kit app (which I wholeheartedly recommend), I can read Spanish novels like Cien anos de solidad by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (which I also recommend).

The video, Destinos, is educational, entertaining, and pretty and I have a way to go to finish it but it has my attention, so I will.

Are there communities in your town that speak a different language? See if you can learn it. Often, native speakers will be excited to help you with the conversational part, you just have to learn the phrases, "Speak more slowly," and "I don't understand," in their language.

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