Sunday, October 13, 2019

Another moving experience

Six years and three moves. It's striking how different, different parts of the Denver area are. We are moving to Centennial now and we will definitely be in the plains. There's still a little rise from the South Platte River but the geography is no longer river valley.

While I adapt to the new location, my blogs will be largely about that but I'm still looking forward to switching gears to astronomy and physics next year. I wonder how light pollution will be in the new neighborhood. 

I've also shifted my October excursions to November. I still plan to take a train out to the airport for the weird Denver tour. And, unless something else interferes, I'll hike Boulder Creek with a friend. I still plan to finish up the Highline Canal Trail, but I've pretty much lost my opportunity for an Autumn hike.

Anyway, I hope you stick with me through some big changes in the future months as I finish up 2019, mathematics, and language with the caveat that the past never really goes away.

Are you one of those folks (like me) who hate moving? Take advantage of it! A move is a great time to take stock of your situation, organize your life, and make all those big changes you've wanted to make but have been putting off.

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