Sunday, October 13, 2019

A step back

For those who have found my data analysis package, DANSYS, useful (and have probably also found that some of it doesn't work), I have taken the opportunity presented by the recent turmoil in my life to take a step back and go through all the functions and subroutines. I fixed several bugs and added error handling. Now, if you try to feed a function with data it doesn't allow, it won't crash and open the program editor. It will just sit there staring at you so you can check your input. I have also cleaned up some of my sloppy documentation in case you want to get into the IDE (that's where you actually develop the programs) and do some modifications.

I have the excuse that beta testing would have found these errors much sooner and I haven't had access to beta testers. For those who aren't familiar with the terminology, beta testing is when some people actually use a program that's under development and, when they find problems, or just want to recommend some improvements, they shoot a note to the programmer. I am, by the way, open to suggestions through comments to this blog.

In future months, I will be refurbishing DANSYSX, the user guides, and the LabBooks. I hope you like the changes. For those that haven't looked DANSYS over and want to, you can find it right here:

Indiana Jones was an archeologist so you can bet that he was into statistics. I've used statistics in some of my studies in these blogs. Data analysis is one of my favorite pastimes. My DANSYS user guides are not just manuals on how to use DANSYS. They also cover the statistics themselves. Check them out and see why I (and Indiana Jones) likes statistics!

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