Tuesday, September 25, 2018

--- Eldorado ---

A friend from Montana and I took a hike around the Rattlesnake Gulch Loop Trail at Eldorado Canyon State Park Teusday. The website - https://cpw.state.co.us/placestogo/parks/EldoradoCanyon - recommends visiting the park during the week because weekends are pretty packed there.

This one's a keeper. Our hike was pure sightseeing, so we didn't talk to any of the staff or explore the history. I read some information before we went, so I knew that the Ute made their homes in the rocks of the canyon before gold prospectors came, and that Eldorado Springs later became a resort.

I'm told that the best time to visit is during the week because the park is very popular and becomes crowded on the weekends. It was pretty active on Tuesday. There were a number of climbers on the cliffs. The weather was pleasant for a change, but the canyon evidently is set right for cooler temperatures.

This is the second hike I've been on with a near 1000 foot elevation change (to be precise, 961 feet). This one didn't hurt nearly as badly as the one in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.

There were wrens, stellar jays, chipmunks and horny toads out. They were moving too fast and I wasn't set up for wildlife photography, so I didn't get any pictures of those, but I did get these pictures.

                                                             [White clematis]

                                                                 [Canyon views]

                                                  [Continental Divide Overlook]

                                                          [Union Pacific tunnels]

                                                                   [Near the top]

I write here about themed and technical hikes, because this blog is primarily about lifelong learning, but I do go on walks and hikes simply for the enjoyment. Do you have a bucket list? Is there a spot or a trail that you just enjoy going back to occasionally?

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