Saturday, December 29, 2018

--- Spanish ---

A funny thing happened during my first session of Spanish. I suddenly became emotional. I'm not that kind of guy! Things don't usually move me that way. I hope it's a good omen. Watching the video felt...joyous.

One session for me is about three days. I start with the Class Activities list on the MIT website, watch the video episode, and then complete the textbook assignments. The next day I do the activities in the workbook. The third day I play around with the supplementary materials. I have all the resources in a single file - here's what it looks like in Windows explorer.

                                                                        [Spanish explorer]

And I keep all my notes in a LibreOffice spreadsheet one page to each session.

At this speed, I may be able to finish the first MIT course in a year. Hopefully I'll be able to talk with my Hispanic neighbors (with only a little good natured laughing.)

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