Wednesday, July 26, 2017

--- Websites, Blogs, and Videos...Oh my!! ---


Actually, media is a new thing for me - on computers anyway. I operated the media department of the School of Pharmacy at Auburn University as a work-study student back in the 70s but computers didn't have much of a part there. I picked up an equivalent of a minor in computer science - I already had three minors, though, so I didn't get to claim it. Comparing those computers with this one (the one I'm using to compose this blog) is sorta funny.

Computer graphics back then was - okay, I won't go there.

I've even been exposed to HTML, but I can't do everything all at once. I didn't compose this blog from scratch. Fact is, I took the easy way out and used Google Blogger. But, then, I like the results - don't reinvent the wheel - right? All you have to do is just put everything together the way you want it.

I already had a website - The Therian Timeline. I took the easy way with that, too. I used Site Solution, a service provided by Yahoo Aabaco Small Business services. Again, you just tell it what you want and it does it.

I could have chosen a bunch of other such throw-it-together tools on the Internet but, you get the idea.

I'm working on a series of science demonstration videos to go along with my blogs for when I get to physics in a couple of years. See, I plan ahead! I'm a new hand to computer videos so, you guessed it - I took the easy way.

My laptop already had a video program called Dell Webcam Central, so I'm using it to put together videos, along with a desktop recorder called CamStudio Recorder. That way, I can display everything I put on the video - LibreOffice Impress presentations, spreadsheets, webcam videos, whatever - and CamStudio will record it all. So, if I can just live long enough....

Well, you'll get to see it if I do.

Until, then, I'll be here.

Stay well.

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