Wednesday, July 26, 2017

--- Intelligence 3 ---

Afolabi James Adebayo's section, "Teaching Awareness of Human Development" is a good read about sleeplessness and stress, especially for people having problems in those area. There's even information about why people might want to be stressed - some games people play.

Me? I rarely have problems with sleep. I learned to sleep in one of the noisiest environments I can think of - a lay barge. About the only time I have any real problem - it's a cosmic law that Wolf doesn't get to sleep the night before a long hike. My body knows what I'm going to do to it and does everything it can to sabotage my plans.

I will say that lack of sleep effects the results of psychological tests. I got to the point, as an evaluator, that if I saw my client dozing (sometimes, they would literally fall out of their chair), I would send them home and tell them to get a good night's sleep before they came back. And as the author of this piece indicates, lack of sleep interferes with both mental and physical performance.

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