Tuesday, February 7, 2017

--- Equipment ---


I have several favorite sources for equipment. Locally, we have a Home Depot down the street and I get all kinds of inspiration walking up and down the isles and talking to people there. You probably have an equally inspiring hardware store in your area.

I'm also lucky to have the Science Company, a science supply store, in walking distance. I've groused for years about the demise of the chemistry set (or the quality chemistry set) and when I found this place on the Internet searching for a source for chemicals, I made a lot of strange noises and scared everyone. They not only have chemicals, but also labware, instruments, and kits; and they specialize in metal treatments for antiquing and patinas. You can see their website at:


I ran into a catalog for a company called Jerryco way back when I was in college and I thought it was a joke. The write-ups for the products were hilarious, but I finally ordered something from them and I have been ordering from them ever since. Their prices are amazing and I have never gotten a bad product from them in all these years. Now they are called American Science and Surplus and you can see their website at:


I'll be dropping a few more names as time goes on.

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