Friday, February 24, 2017

--- Physiological sabotage: stimulus and response ---

As much as I dislike behaviorism, it's an item.

My body certainly has a mind of it's own. I beginning planning for a hike and I suddenly start coming up with all kinds of maladies. The main ones are gastrointestinal. I wish I could say that the problems go away as soon as I get on the trail but, nooooo. I have to put up with them.

I realized that Wolf vs. reinforcement was a thing when I started eating lots of hot-dogs. For instance, there used to be a hot-dog place across the street from the Art School I used to model for. I would pose for the morning classes, drive out to the state park to swim, then eat several hot-dogs. The dogs were cheap and they had all the toppings, and I liked them spicy, so they would make me sweat until my hair was soaked. Now, I don't have to even eat them. Just being around them will make me sweat.

Pavlov's dogs......I wish it was just salivation.....

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