Saturday, January 21, 2017

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I am using Google's Blogger to create this blog. It's a first time thing for me. I have a website but I've never "blogged".

I compose using KeyNote NF 1.7.8, a tabbed notebook program for Windows created by Marek Jedlinski and developed further by Daniel Prado Velasco.

This is one of my favorite programs. It works pretty much like a digital notebook with tabbed pages, so I can use it to organize my thoughts and my composition. In addition, it has lots of commands that make it a fairly powerful word processor.

Files can easily be exported in a rich text format that transfers really well to websites.

KeyNote is available on SourceForge if you want a copy.

When composing on my smartphone, I generally use the notepad app that came with it.

Bear Creek Commentaries is a companion project to my website, The Therian Timeline, which has sections on scientific excursions and cooking; and a YouTube channel, Open the World, a series of science tutorials and demonstrations (I haven't posted this one yet and won't for some time, but I will before I approach physics on the trail since it will be a prelude to that section.)

I will be telling stories. I enjoy hearing other people's stories and I enjoy telling them. I find that stories are a good way to teach. I like to "open up the hood" on the world and show people how things work inside. I like to play around with the engine and let people watch, or even help. Stories draw people in. People become part of stories when they listen. I have some very old stories, some told by friends like Wolf, Coyote, and Bear, and some related by people who know streams that have gone underground for centuries before reemerging to the surface of the earth, or stories told by rocks that still show the footprints of massive lizards (did I say, "lizards"? Perhaps I should have said "chickens".) Some of my stories are relatively new - stories about the Wild West or the struggles for equality in the South. And some of the stories are going on right now.

These are my adventures, stories, meditations, contemplations, and daydreams.

Let's take a walk.....

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