Thursday, January 19, 2017

--- The adventurer ---


I don't want this blog to be about me, but I will be making recommendations and giving opinions along and, you probably need to know a little about me.

My name is Wolf VanZandt. I'm a 63 year old (at this posting - it keeps changing) retired vocational evaluator that lives in the Denver, Colorado area. Until I moved here, I had never lived outside the southeastern United States and had only traveled outside that region four times - three times to Denver. I was born in south Florida and grew up in Georgia and Alabama. My jobs have included ornamental plant shipper, library assistant, textile mill worker, security guard, retail salesperson, self-service gas station clerk, laboratory assistant, media department manager, animal handler for a dairy unit (that would be a cow poke to some of you), offshore pipeline lay barge welder helper, camp counselor at a camp for disabled persons, and, for twenty years, a professional vocational rehabilitation specialist.

When people ask me what I like doing, I generally report, truthfully, that I don't like bookkeeping. My actual hobby is life long learning.

One reason for this website is that I suspect that my other website, the Therian Timeline, makes other people think that it's only for Therians. It is specifically for Therians but it also has a lot of general interest stuff (I'll be providing links here.)

Most people, it turns out, are hybrid homo sapiens x homo Neanderthalensis, but where most of them show as pure human, I and folks like me show all the Neanderthal traits. I consider us Neanderthal. As such, I'm one of a subset that shows shamanic tendencies and (in my opinion) that makes me a Werewolf. Other have different ideas about what constitutes a Were or a Therian but that's my take on the subject. Regardless, I'm not in the first or second standard deviation of humanity, but neither am I alone.

I like diversity. I enjoy hearing others takes on things - I like hearing stories. I like other cultures.

I'm a devout and orthodox Christian (orthodox in that I accept the Bible as fundamental to the Christian faith and I adhere to the Apostles' Creed). As I also adhere to sola scriptura, I'm pretty sure the Apostles would not recognize today's Christianity as a legitimate embodiment of Christ's teachings. That and my outlier life experiences undoubtedly color my beliefs.

People ask how my therianthropy changes my world view and I have no idea how to answer because I have nothing to compare it with and it pervades my life, so, even if I could give an answer, it would be too long, complex, and involved to be tolerated by a being with finite attention span. And I've probably stretched this introduction beyond that tolerance limit, so I will move on to other things.

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