Friday, October 26, 2018

--- Autumn ---

On 10/26/18, I had an appointment with my doctor, one of those "regularly programmed" things, and had a meeting at the University much later, so I had time to kill, so I did what I do and wandered around.

For high desert, Denver colors up nicely in the fall. The University of Denver with it's arboretum campus is a great place to catch fall colors. Of course, tree coloration is dependent on two things - healthy, well watered trees and broadleaf varieties. The brilliant colors are even more striking when mixed with the blues and greens of the indigenous evergreens. Here are some pictures of the University of Denver campus including some mountainous backgrounds.

                                                                [Autumn colors]

After a bus ride to my doctor's office and some shopping at WalMart, I had about three hours to spare, so I decided to take a train ride up to the site of my next station-to-station hike and check it out. I've been eyeing the glass elevators of the parking garage of University Station for some time and took the opportunity to check them out. The top deck offers some great views of the mountains and Denver skyline.


Other than being packed to standing-room-only, the train trip was uneventful and I got back to the campus with an hour to spare.

"There is something, I think, that doesn't like walls." Frankly, I'm rather partial to them - especially the ones I can sit on.

How are the trees looking in your part of the world? Tree's create bright leaf colors in the process of storing sugars for the winter and they need plenty of water to do so. After very dry summers, trees are often drab during the fall.

Buildings with access to their roofs and upper floors, such as multilevel parking garages often provide interesting "bird's-eye" views of the surrounding country-side.

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