Sunday, July 15, 2018

                                                             [Eugene Field library]

Friday, the 13th (my day!), the Eugene Field branch of the Denver Public Library hosted presentations by Bike Denver and the Colorado Department of Transportation about the future of transportation in Colorado. I'm not a bicyclist so the Bike Denver presentation was just interesting. If you would like more information they have a website at and the provide many services to encourage people to use the bike trails more including lessons and people who volunteer to help folks get use to the area.

The bus trip down University Boulevard gave me the opportunity to visit an area that I have been through several times but have not been able to spend any time at. The Bonny Brae Ice Cream Shop is a local landmark and I've been wanting to check it out. It's understandably popular, and did I mention that I'm crazy about milkshakes?

The CDOT had a lot of information to share. A big item was that they are trying to find ways to manage traffic congestion without widening roads and they are investigating some serious technology to do it. Of considerable interest to me was that the CDOT has their own transportation system that has buses that run to Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins (it's called "Bustang") and they're looking at expanding the bus lines to other areas. That gives me a lot more travel opportunities.

Does your local library offer presentations of information of local interest?

What are the transportation opportunities like in your area? Sometimes there are services that you have to look for but investigation is fun.

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