Sunday, June 18, 2017

This is a special post. I won't be backing it up into my archives. I, frankly, don't want to look back and remember it.

I'm pretty pleased with myself. From the inception of this blog, I have managed to post at least two articles a week - usually three. I'm going to slow down now. I have  several archived articles (the ones I label "2016") stocked up that I can use to bridge the gap, but in a few months I'll be back up to normal.

We'll be moving over the next few months and I'll be focusing on that. I won't be in Bear Creek Valley, but I'll still be visiting it - I'll just have a much broader range since we're probably moving into Denver proper and, even if we veer off in another direction, the Denver transportation system is pervasive enough that I ought to be able to move around as much as I want. The Rockies are still well in reach.

So, this will still be the Bear Creek Commentaries and I will look forward to returning to full function when this dislocation is over with. I hope you continue to enjoy Adventuring. Stay well.


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