Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Photos during the time of ...

(With apologies to Mr. Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Avoiding everything is getting old and is certainly cramping my style, but slowing the transmission of a novel virus has its points.

I've mostly been wandering around close to home. People are out socially distancing. It is certainly a time to be out observing social behavior under atypical circumstances.

How are people behaving around you? How are you reacting to the different situations?

I've been back to Fiddler's Green to see more of the statues and I walked down Little Dry Creek Trail to look at Holly Reservoir. Here are some photos.

A reminder of the old west in modern Arapahoe County.
That odd little mound near Arapahoe Station.
An ensemble at Plaza Tower One, Village Center. A bear, plates falling down and some logs.

The elephant puzzled me until I saw the mouse on the pavement in front of it.
Denver likes murals.
This wild boar looks like a matching statue over near Englewood Station. Much of the art in this area is also part of the Denver Museum of Open Air Art. 
This piece of modern art...well, I'll let the artist explain it….

They're still working on Marjorie Park.

There are extravagant water features all around Denver. This one is at the apartments called "The Cascades". I suspect there's a little nose twerking of nature here in the high desert.

Pike's peak from Quebec.
Another consequence of the virus.
A photo I took of the sun through a welder filter. You know that photographing the sun directly will damage your digital camera, right?
Interesting tunnel under Arapahoe on Little Dry Creek Trail. It's blocked now but maybe later...
Little Dry Creek at Holly Park
Mount Evans from Holly Park. They're done nice views from this little park on Little Dry Creek Trail.
Holly Park
Although Little Dry Creek is almost never dry, Holly Reservoir usually is. Like many stream constructions in the area, Holly Reservoir is a buffer in case of flash floods.

If you want to hike the whole thing, Little Dry Creek Trail begins at Yosemite near Briarwood and Davies Streets and runs about 4 miles to the Highline Canal. It's a well maintained trail, easy at sections but the stretch along Arapahoe is a constant grade that can wear you out after a time. It grades up toward the east.

One of the socially acceptable activities during the time of The Virus is hiking. If you're into biking, that's okay, too.

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