Thursday, November 8, 2018

--- Pride of Place: My Maps. My Neighborhood ---

Sara E. Thomas' lesson plan "My Maps, My Neighborhood" ( suggests using Google's MyMaps utility as a tool for exploring the neighborhood. It is a modification of Google's Maps that lets a user annotate and draw figures on a map, and then save it. You can learn more about MyMaps from:

I use Google's mapping utilities a lot when planning adventures. I'm planning my last station-to-station hike (for a while) and here is a map of the area I plan to hike.

                                                             [Auraria West to Osage]

The map can be saved to Google Drive, the "cloud-based" storage area in Google. I prefer to use the Screen Print key to save a copy and open it in Windows Paint so I can further modify it.

Play around with MyMaps. You might create a map of your city or neighborhood. See what it looks like from a "bird's-eye" view.

Google Maps will show you things like attractions and parks, or you can switch to a topographic map or satellite image. You can also zoom down to street level views and take a tour of your neighborhood.

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