Monday, May 14, 2018

--- Local religious studies ---

                                                           Iliff School of Theology

There are many religious schools in Denver at every level. I chose two to visit. Iliff School of Theological is convenient, being right down the street from me. It's also large, in size and reputation. The Denver Seminary is also convenient since the next leg of my light rail hikes takes me near.

The Iliff School of Theology is a beautiful campus with the Front Range as a backdrop. It is surrounded by Denver University, which would give the mistaken idea that it is part of the university, but it is its own entity. It has an interesting history. It was founded in 1892 and is one of thirteen United Methodist Church seminaries in the United States as is obvious by the flame-and-cross symbol displayed prominently on the tower out front, but it has broadened it's interests to several other denominations and even has a Buddhist department.

Like many of the religious schools in the area, a current focus - it seems the major focus - is social justice. They are doing a lot of work toward improving quality of life globally. The Iliff Stories section of their website ( makes interesting reading.

It's the end of the quarter, so things are going to be slowing down now, but they invited me to come to some of their events and I might take them up on it soon.

                                                   Evans Chapel at Denver University

Denver University has an extensive program for its students' spiritual life. I've picked up several brochures outlining several resources that I'll be checking out over the next few years. There is a folder listing many places of worship in the Denver area. It emphasizes the great diversity of the region. Some of the resources listed are for many Christian denominations and Sihk, Baha'i, Taoism, Zoroastrianism...this could keep me busy for awhile. I also noticed that the Iliff School of Theology has a labyrinth. I'll be visiting that sometime.

                                                          Denver Seminary photos

The Littleton to Oxford Station hike gave me the opportunity to double up on my projects. The Denver Seminary is just a little south of Littleton Station, so I made a slight detour to check them out.

I spoke to some folks in the administration building. They were friendly and we had a nice conversation. No one was aware of the current research trends but referred me to a faculty member who referred me back to the Seminary webpage.

There is a lot of publication coming from Denver Seminary but the range of topics is broad. I think I sense a trend in apologetics, exploration of the relevance of Christianity in the modern world, and mission work.

They gave me an informative folder about their programs. It looks like Denver Seminary would be a fun place for a person interested in Christian theology to study. There were several groups out in the commons talking and individuals reading.

Are there any institutions of religious study near you? I find them interesting places to visit, especially if you come from a different tradition. The principle of 80% listening and 20% talking generally serves me well in such situations. I never argue my own perspective. I'm a learner.

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