Monday, August 10, 2020

Sunsets and mountains

Suddenly, I'm hiking again. The bug has bitten one of my housemates. We have been to the Lair O'the Bear, between Morrison and Kitteridge, Colorado the last two weekends. At the western end of Bear Creek Canyon, it's a short drive from home and it's near a new favorite restaurant, the Switchback Smokehouse, in Kitteridge (they have an ice cream shop next door!), so it's a great destination for me.

I didn't get many photo-ops the first time. Everything's so big it's hard to get a good picture, but Panorama Point provides some workable views. Here are some of the pictures.

Maidenhair ferns

Penstemon. The main wildflower season is done, but there are still some nice surprises out there. We also saw a lot of anemones but they looked pretty tired.

I don't know why there are things in this tree but it makes an interesting subject. There may have been people rappelling off the Point.

View to the southwest

Kitteridge and, in the distance, Mount Evans

I've also picked up some nice shots from home.

An airplane. We're near Centennial Airport and get a lot of air traffic over our house.

The sunsets have been nice recently.

I'm still working on physics and astronomy excursions and should have something to show for it soon. In the meantime, keep exercising that camera.

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