Sunday, June 14, 2020

Critical Thinking for Voters update

For those following the Critical Thinking for Voters Ebook, I have corrected some past typos and added a chapter about fallacies. It isn't a manual on fallacies, basically a "what to look for" briefer with references to deepen your knowledge. I try not to be partisan or judgmental and try to stay away from contemporary illustrations (but sometimes it's just to tempting.)

Actually, fallacy watching would make a great family hobby right now. Turn on the latest political debate, pull up the wikipedia List of Fallacies article and start marking them off as you hear them.

"That's a red herring."
"Ah, too common. Not worth many points. That one was an interesting slippery slope, though."
"Wait a minute. Was that a fallacy of ambiguity? I think it was!"
"What kind is it?"
"Wait. I'll check.....Equivocation......That's an ambiguity in the middle term! Wow! That's an ambiguity in the middle term! That's gotta be worth 75 points at least! High five everybody!"

They ought to have a television kit for sale somewhere!

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