Wednesday, February 21, 2018

--- Religious software? ---

Like philosophy, you don't really think of software when you think of religion, but there are a few programs that I use a lot when I'm studying religion.

My favorite, when doing Bible studies is the Interlinear Scripture Analyzer available on the Scripture4All website ( This program collects several Bible study tools that make the original languages available to most students of the Bible including versions of the Bible that can be viewed in parallel panels, concordances, and annotation tools.

Xiphos, made available as a free, open source download, is produced by The SWORD Project and is available here ( It also offers a suite of Bible study and note taking tools. There are a variety of extension modules available, for instance, from the Crosswire and Xiphos repositories.

There is similar software for the study of the Koran. Called Al-anvar, it is available at SourceForge (

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