Sunday, January 28, 2018

--- Best laid plans and a new beginning ---

If you're keeping up with this blog, you know that the blogs have been appearing slowly lately. Well, I've been learning. There's been some rather harsh lessons, from which I might just draw from in later blogs. It's been a wild season.

In July, I learned about zoning laws and moving into a new house (see the July 14 blog, "A moving experience"), then in September I got a job and learned that you should be careful if you are retired and decide to pick up some work (according to how your benefits operate), and then I spent October getting over the pinched nerves in my back and refurbishing my benefits. Some walking tours in November taught me that I am no longer in my thirties. You can read about some of that and the after effects in December in the January 12 blog, "Notes on life and death." That pretty much took care of December 2017 and January 2018 for me - learning, indeed.

But here, on January 28, with some fatigue left after sitting around for two months, I'm almost back to normal (whatever that is) and am looking forward to a year of looking deeper into what it means to not be 32 any more (I'll have to experiment some more to really find the limits.)

What's coming up?

I was hoping to be through with this pass through psychology and philosophy (I may make it back around to them  again) by the end of the year (I was also hoping to hike Waterton Canyon, but that, too, is put off until a later date.) but I have another couple of posts, tying up loose ends, actually. Then, next year, I plan to address religion and social sciences - there's plenty of grist in this area for these mills, and I suspect you have many opportunities for adventure in your areas also.

Denver has an astounding variety of religions for a "secular" area. In fact, the recent influx of people from all parts of the country and the world has brought a new interest in spirituality and religion. Being a lifelong church-goer, I was delighted to find a friendly church that has recently found a new impetus forward right across the street from our new home. Churches that are in the process of picking up after a dry or traumatic period are often some of the most exciting and vital of churches. I'm pretty much set for an adventure in religion.

And society in Denver is in the process of flux. The opportunities here are vast and the barriers are frightening. Regular people are becoming aware of a harsh underbelly in the city (admit it, your city has one too. They all do. Believe it, we all do float down here.) and many want to do something about it. For a sociologist, times are fascinating. What's gonna happen? Stay tuned!

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